ClusTaur at IBC2018 – RAI Amsterdam

Impressive viewing experiences need impressive storage

The media and entertainment industry is one of the fastest evolving industries. Their constant goal is to offer viewers better, more realistic, more impressive viewing experiences. But as video resolution and frame rates increase, there is a big impact on the infrastructure of production and post-production teams that need to produce, finish, and deliver the content. Just imagine how much more productive these teams could be if they had shared access to high performance and low latency NVME storage…

Integrated NVME storage

To provide media companies with the IOPS and NVMe capacity they require, ClusTaur has developed a software-defined media workflow solution based on Excelero’s NVMesh platform, integrating the latest technology from Intel and Mellanox. These storage clusters are hardware agnostic, highly scalable and semi-automated, utilising RDMA and NVMe flash storage over fabric via 100Gbs Infiniband and ethernet (RoCE v2 protocol). This provides editors’ workstations access to high performance, disaggregated storage. With this high bandwidth and low latency, editors can accomplish both streaming editing and reel presentation to any workstation at any time, while minimizing CPU overhead.

Experience the power of ClusTaur at IBC2018

As they say: ‘Show, don’t tell!’ ClusTaur attended the IBC2018 trade show in Amsterdam together with Intel from September 14 to 18, 2018. Throughout the conference they showcased a live post-processing demo of 8K raw 10-bit footage.

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